Alvin & Melissa Triplett


My father started this church when I was still a baby. I remember watching him and my mother work so hard to see this vision come to life. Me and Melissa carry that same vision. We love Jesus, and people. My goal as pastor is to carry out the commission placed on me in Gods word to preach the gospel, and to also be a leader in such a way so as to bring glory not to myself, but to Jesus. I look forward to serving all who are a part of our congregation, and pray that God will bless all who read this.

Ray & Norma Jean Triplett

Founding/Assistant Pastor

List of Office

Pastor РAlvin Triplett and wife Melissa Triplett 

Assistant Pastor/Founding Pastor – Ray Triplett and wife Norma Triplett

Board Members – John Simmons and Susan Padgett

Adult Sunday School Teachers – Alvin Triplett, Keith Triplett, Justin Childress

Music Director – Norma Triplett

Musicians – Fay Fitzgerald, Delores Simmons, Travis Rosser, Alvin Triplett, Ray Triplett

TV Camera Man/Producer – John Simmons

Social Media – Melissa Triplett and Justin Childress

Web Design – Justin Childress