It all Started in 1979…

…in the basement of Pastor Ray Triplett’s father’s house (Laurence Triplett). We had a hunger to seek God along with several other folks that shared our vision. On December 15th of 1979 we were able to move into what is now Truth Baptist Church on Campbell Ave. Many said that we would never even have so much as a revival there, but we ended up having one of the best revivals we have ever had in that little building.

By 1981 we had already outgrown the building and were able to purchase the location we are in currently. By no means was it what it is today. Back then it only seated around 80 people and parking wasn’t always the best, but God still moved. Our church continued to grow and eventually we had no choice; we either had to find another building or build onto the one we had. So in 1985 we tore down the right side wall of the building, and built a completely new sanctuary seating 275 people.

In the year 2000 we had to build again! We added three class rooms, a nursery, an office area, and a Baptistry behind the pulpit.

Truly God has blessed our efforts to expand His Kingdom and we’re so thankful for that. We’re also thankful for all the ways in which God has moved, and continues to move, on behalf of his people! Truly God has been faithful to us throughout the years. And although we’ve seen God move in mighty ways, we’re still just as hungry for Him now as we were when we started our church in that old basement room.

In January of 2022 Pastor Ray Triplett decided to move into the assistant pastor role. He placed Alvin Triplett, who was then serving as assistant pastor, into the office of Pastor. Pastor Alvin extends an open invitation to anyone looking for a home church where they can grow alongside us. We look forward to seeing where God takes us in the next 40 years!

A Word of Thanks from Alvin Triplett: The list of people responsible for helping the church grow over the years would take far too long to list! I would rather just say thank you than to possibly miss someone so I say this: Thank you so much to all who have helped along the way, and to all who help presently, and to all who will continue to help in the future. Your contributions have not gone unnoticed.